Mobile Computer Geeks provides professional computer repair services for all brands . We also repair cracked computer screens.


Mobile Computer Geeks is your complete source for computer hardware, computer software and computer peripherals.


Mobile Computer Geeks provides complete professional IT services including custom builds, server management and more.

  • Had these guys out again last week to clean my computer from viruses. It was good to see that they have not dropped their standard of service.

    by Stephen Best
  • Thank you for your service. I recently moved to Carindale and needed help with setting up the network at my new place. As always, they did a great job, only this time, credit goes to their new technician wayne.

    by Zoe Collinwood
  • Excellent service. Tried other repairer and they said they couldn’t fix my mac. Took my laptop into mobile computer geeks, they fixed it within 2 hours. Its as good as new! Very happy with service. Highly recommend. Will definitely go back if I need anything else done.

    by Alice Kennedy
  • Amit was my technician who handled my dying computer pretty well. He was fast and professional at his job. He answered all my silly questions regarding my computer and completed the job in time that their office staff quoted me. great work guys.

    by Petra Pheobe
  • A great service by Nabeel. he fixed my modem and got it to wireless connect my printer. I would recommend him without hesitation.

    by Fredie
  • I would recommend this service as I was astounded by low cost and high level of customer service that I experienced today.

    by Tristana Wheeler
  • I will recommend these people. they helped me with my laptop and their people are so friendly. They told me the laptop can be fixed and they spend i think 1.5 hours but the person who fix it for me only charge for 1 hour.

    by Yamakazi
  • I really appreciate their help in coming out on urgent notice and fixing my computer in the middle of the night While I had an International Web conference scheduled and my computer won’t turn on. Great support computer geeks.

    by Yasmine
  • Thank you Computer geeks for your excellent and affordable service. I would recommend them !

    by Blaise
  • OMG! these guys are super awesome. they came to help me out in the middle of the night when i was doing my uni assignment and my laptop died. They sent a man named Bill who said i had a virus on my laptop and re installed windows on my computer. The best part is that i did not lose any data.

    by Sable
  • I contacted mobile computer geeks guys yesterday about my computer when it just died on me after a thunder storm. I thought my computer died and I had to pay all this big amount of money to get it fixed but these guys sent in their technician Bill who came to my house within an hour of my call and inspected the computer thoroughly. He said that one of the RAM in my computer died and he replaced it for me. They are a really good value for money as other IT providers I contacted were offering to charge me double the price what these computer geeks charged me.

    by Briana
  • I had these guys out for my boss. We were experiencing issues with our internet connection and When I contacted these geeks, they sent a technician (Amit) to our place within 2 hours and fixed the internet for us. While the tech was fixing the issue for us, his supervisor came to our house and kept an eye on how the technician was working. Very quick response and professional staff. I recommend them.

    by Alexa Kennedy
  • Dear Mobile Computer Geeks This is just a quick note to express my appreciation for the work you have done and for the patience you had for me. In our day and age, young people do not even seem to know words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Customer service with Mobile Computer Geeks is true to the old and (right) standards of quality.

    by Yasmine
  • Ty for your service. I always appreciate your service and i must say your tech was a very friendly and skilled guy. he fixed my laptop in one hour while some IT companies quoted me 3 hours for it. Keep up the good work

    by Hilda
  • The technician arrived in our house on time. He fixed the problem on my laptop which was that he needed to re format my laptop because it got infected by a Virus and he downloaded Trend Micro anti virus on my computer. I am very happy with the price as i only paid $200 including the price of antivirus for 1 year. Recommended computer repair company ! 

    by Robbie
  • I have had to call these geeks for setting up home network for my home business. I have 4 computers that i use for home business and i needed them setup as i recently moved into a new house. I googled and found their number. their technician was very friendly and efficient. He setup the network and also taught me how i can take care of my computers by performing maintenance tasks every month. Great service geeks. I am very happy and will recommend anyone to call these mobile computer geeks.

  •  As always, these geeks are exceptional at providing a computer service. I call these geeks every 3-4 months for my office computers and I always ask for their technician Bill. They gave me a decent discount on my last service call. I will definitely recommend these guys.

  • Great work again guys, My laptop really needed a good service and your technician did a great job. I get a good service from you guys every time. Keep up the good work mobile computer geeks :)

  • You guys are wonderful. your technician was quick at his job and he got my computer working within an hour. Thanks a lot Mobile computer geeks

  • Thanks boys for repairing my Laptop screen and installing new windows. The computer runs super fast now. I am very happy now

  • Thank you for fixing my laptop. Your technician was very friendly and he removed the virus from my computer and installed a new antivirus. A great service was provided. 

  • A fantastic job guys. I am impressed by your service. Your Technician was very thorough when he fixed my computer and i appreciated that you guys are not a rip off.

  • Excellent service guys, Thanks for repairing my cracked laptop screen. I have your number and you will hear from me in future . 
    P.S say many thanks to your technician Nabeel for his excellent service. 

  •  thank-you for the help with my laptop guys, Its been 2 weeks since you serviced it. The laptop works great now and i am very happy with it.

  • I had to setup my computers and a new server for my home business. A technician from Mobile Computer Geeks attended to my request and did a great job. The technician also explained the procedure while he was setting up my server. Overall, I am very happy from their Service and will recommend it to others too.
    Thanks Mobile Computer Geeks for your service.

  •  computer was picked up and delivered to my house, and they also charged the same price they quoted before repair . I will recommend him.

  • this company is good and their service is also affordable. I will recommend them 
    Gracias computer geeks

    by Gilly Snicket
  • Thanks for fixing my laptop guys 😀

    by Rob_baltrucsch
  • These guys are just geniuses, I contacted them about my 3 laptops as they were running very slow, The technician they sent to service me was so talented. He was expert in multitasking and i didnt get worries about the bill as i could see his performance. Cheers Guys,

    by Apocalypto438
  • Yet another good service by your Technician and thanks for the discount.

    by Cathy White
  • Your technician was very friendly and he also gave me discount. Will call again if i need my computer fixed.

    by Tiger_pawn
  • My computer and printer is working absolutely fine now, thanks Billy.

    by Zoe Collinwood
  • Thanks for recovering data from my dead hard drive. Really appreciate it

    by Raina_smith
  • I liked your service, your staff member helped me with my apple laptop and when he was fixing my laptop, he also taught me some tricks about my laptop. I appreciate your service. Thank you Geeks

    by Sunita Rai
  • I contacted these geeks regarding my laptop. Awesome response and great service. The guy was so friendly over the phone and agreed to fix my computer after hours. 
    Now i know where to go when i have computer problems- good job Geeks

    by Stephanie
  • Great service, and cheap price. Great to deal with Bill who fixed my laptop :)

    by Adam Goodwin
  • I want to thankyou for Nabeel for coming around late in the evening and fixing my computer. Excellent work Mobile Computer Geeks!

    by Carol Admundsen
  • Yet another great service by mobile computer geek. Will recommend to others

    by Robbie Galelio
  • Excellent chaps and affordable prices. Their tech picked up my laptop to fix its broken screen and delivered it back to my house within 2 hours. I am very impressed by their quick response and affordable prices. While no one else was answering my call, they answered and did not charge any extra for working on a public holidays. Great work

    by Tamara Gough
  • You guys are wonderful. your technician was quick at his job and he got my computer working within an hour. Thanks a lot Mobile computer geeks

    by Ling Chow
  • you guys are great when it comes to understanding students with faulty laptops and low budgets. Thankyou so much for fixing my laptop. I really needed the assignments today. Your Technician Bill is great at customer service. Please pass my regards on to him.
    and thanks again for giving me student discount, it really helps a student u know 😀

    by Sable Andersen

Our Services

  • Computer & Laptop Repairs
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
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  • Printer Setup & Repairs
  • Virus Removal
  • Website Development
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Computer & Laptop Repairs

Is your Computer running slow?

Is your computer not turning on?

Do you have a virus on your computer?

Do you want to upgrade your computer?

Do you need a computer clean-up?

Do you want to re install Windows operating system?

Mobile Computer Geeks has you covered. We offer affordable computer & laptop repair services. All work is performed at your house or business. We service all makes and models of Computers,Laptops, Notebooks, and Apple computers.

Mobile Computer Geeks are a team of IT experts with extensive knowledge in IT Infrastructure & Solutions. Our qualified & experienced IT engineers have seen it all. We provide IT support to several small to medium sized businesses.

If you require a new IT setup or are relocating your office, give Mobile Computer Geeks a call to discuss your IT needs. We can setup aa new IT environments for you. Whether its just one computer or many, whether its just a wired modem or wireless network, We can help.

To discuss your IT needs and book a Computer Geek, Call Mobile Computer Geeks now on (07) 3133 1739